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Designer Flowers is a Faux Flowers Florist providing unique solutions to fresh flowers.

"Real Touch" Faux Flowers , Silk Flowers and Botanical arrangements are all available for both Hire or Sale.

Hired Artificial flower arrangements do away with the inconvenience and cost associated with regularly replacing fresh flowers.

We rotate all Hired Arrangements monthly to ensure variety and a fresh look. 

Unique Faux Flower Arrangements are available from Melbourne's Leading Specialist Faux Florist Nola Higgins.

We create "Flowers for Life"




Designer Flowers provide unique arrangements for:

  • Everlasting Gifts

  • "Get Well" Gifts (Hospitals)

  • Celebrations

  • Birthdays

  • Wedding Gifts

  • Anniversaries

  • Table centre pieces



Corporate Hire:

(Rotated Monthly)

  • Corporate Hire

  • Reception Areas

  • Board Rooms & Foyers

  • Special Events

  • Show Rooms

  • Shop Fronts

  • Restaurants

  • Weddings

  • Table Centre Pieces

  • Artificial Trees





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Assorted Various Arrangements

Orchid James Vanda

Product Code O-13

Orchid Cymbidium

Extra Large

Product Code O-22

Jonquils in Artificial Water

Product Code M-04

Orchids Phalaenopsis

Product Code O-05

Orchid James Vanda Orange Extra Large

Product Code O-16

Caroline Rose Buds (12), Yellow Pink tips, "Real Touch" in a Round Vase with Artificial Water

Product Code R-01

Cymbidium Orchid (5), White "Real Touch" in a White Ceramic Pot with Moss

Product Code O-12

Cymbidium Orchid (5), Flame "Real Touch" in a White Ceramic Pot with Moss

Product Code O-11


Hanging Heliconias (Giant), Orange with Mangos

in a Zinc Pot

Product Code M-27

Large Cream Magnolias with Apples in a

Tall Vase with Vines and Artificial Water

Product Code M-22

Red Tulips and Gladiolas, Glass Vase with

Fruit, Leaves and Artificial Water.

Product Code M-26

Australian Grass Tree in black ceramic pot suitable for indoor or outdoor

Product Code T-01

Pine Cedar in black tapered ceramic pot suitable for indoor or outdoor

Product Code T-02

Asian Orchid arrangement small

Product Code M-28



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Designer Flowers by Nola Higgins

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